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Our Story

Jill & Danny-J both started their careers in the fitness industry as personal trainers then as fitness competitors and cover models.

As they soon discovered, modeling doesn’t pay the bills and the hustle can’t last forever, they each turned to online training to buy back some of their time and increase their impact.

While, they knew “of” each other online, they finally met in person in 2013 where they learned that their similarities extended past their fitness backgrounds.
They were also the same age, had husbands who were the same age….

And, as life goes; they both found out their husbands were having affairs within a year of each other.

Jill left her home in North Carolina in 2015 for Santa Monica to start a new life and shortly after Danny-J found out about her husband’s infidelity, she found herself in LA on Jill’s couch.

After a lot of tears,  commiseration and wine, they had a moment on Jill’s balcony watching the gorgeous Santa Monica Sunset, and decided, while their personal lives may be imploding… This was indeed The Best Life.

It was from those deep conversations, quiet moments, and all the lessons from starting all over again as a single thirty-something woman in Los Angeles that The Best Life Podcast was born.

“We always say, if an episode helps just ONE woman feel less alone, then it is worth it”

1 Million Episodes later, you can say, The Best Life has just begun.

Jill is now living in Manhattan Beach with her puppy Pip and life partner Keith.

Danny-J is living in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Jeff.

And the beat goes on, da-da-dum-da-dum- da-da...

"If an episode helps just ONE woman feel less alone, then it is worth it"

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